Notre Dame Men’s Soccer Associate Coach Visit

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Last night, we had the great honor of having coach BJ Craig, along with senior Michael Rose ( recently drafted by Vancouver White Caps from the MLS) come talk to the boys. The boys were blessed to hear from one of the top Division I coaches in the country. When the boys asked the coach what they should do to be play at Notre Dame, his advice was simple: “If you love the game, play it every single chance you get, and that’s how you will get better.” Coach Craig also talked about the importance of commitment, when he explained that when you are truly committed to something, you will have to give up some other things.

Recent graduate and former team captain Michael Rose talked to the boys about the number of hours that they put into training, so that they are ready for the game. He went into explaining that many hours are put in the off-season, without a coach having to tell them. This was great coming from his mouth as the SWAP program tries to teach the kids the importance of discipline not only in sports, but also in life. Mike also referred to a Lou Holtz quote when talking about not placing blame on teammates, but instead, being responsible for your actions: ” The person who complains about how the ball bounces is probably the person who dropped it”.

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It was truly an honor having Coach BJ Craig and Michael Rose with us!