We originally signed up for SWAP because of its futsal training and something we thought would benefit him our son as he grew in soccer. What keeps us coming back is the friendships developed with players from various clubs and the focus on competing with personal integrity and sportsmanship. Our son has learned that you can be a competitive player with integrity. He’s learned to connect with other players from other clubs in the soccer community. SWAP is different because its’ focus is on helping kids grow in soccer development and more importantly, grow the kids’ character in a positive way.

–Todd and Jami Ruth


My grandson first encountered Bruno DeJesus when he started coaching the Goshen Stars travel team of which he was a part. At first he was somewhat dismissive of Bruno’s approach to coaching and to the game, but that changed when my grandson saw the resulting changes in the success of the team. So he signed up for futsal with SWAP, and now Futsal has replaced soccer as his first love. Although he does play soccer for his high school team, he especially looks forward to the start of futsal season. I very much appreciate Bruno’s combination of high expectations, emphasis on fundamentals first, and the way he incorporates integrity and faith without being “preachy.”

-Doug Baker


Originally we were drawn to SWAP simply by the opportunity to have our son exposed to the game of futsal. It took one ‘pelada'( pick-up game) session to realize that this fast paced, high touch game would do wonders for individual player skill development. When someone asks us now about futsal I describe it as small sided, indoor soccer on steroids. As a whole we feel like futsal teaches faster decision making along with technical and tactical development. All of these will serve any player well in outdoor soccer, other sports and life in general. Beyond the game we find the SWAP program to offer more than just the game of futsal. Based on Christian morals, and the underlying values of using sport to serve others SWAP teaches life lessons in multiple ways. We were fortunate enough to participate in a SWAP soccer/futsal experience mission trip to Brazil. The opportunity to see, meet and interact with kids and adults from other cultures through the sport of soccer/futsal was amazing. SWAP continues to find ways to expose its players and families to opportunities that will reinforce living a life of purpose.

-James and Beth Doster


I signed up my brother up for SWAP because he had difficulty controlling the ball in tight places and he took a long time to let go of the ball and to make decisions. I am coming back because he enjoyed himself a lot, made new friends, and most importantly he felt that he has gotten better at the skills he was requiring. SWAP is different because the kids feel valued and it is God-centered. At the end of a practice, he would tell me how the coaches tied soccer related topics to God.

-Alvaro Romo

Many of the lessons that Coach Bruno is trying to instill in the boys match the same beliefs that we have.  You give 100% in everything you do, give God all the glory, and try to make a difference in the world.  Our son enjoys being a part of SWAP and it is neat to see a group of boys who not only love the game of soccer but, are also trying to be lights in the world.  When you watch practice or games with the SWAP group you see friendships being formed that will last a lifetime with these boys.  My wife & I feel SWAP is more about making an impact in the world then it is about soccer.  Soccer is just one way to teach the boys about the principles of SWAP.  The cool thing will be in the years to come to see what this group of young men will accomplish in life, the game of soccer, and how they will apply what they are learning from being a part of SWAP to both.”
-Anthony and Brandi Roberts

“SWAP has helped our son become a better soccer player but has also taught him important life lessons such as commitment, service, team work, trust and more. Our family has developed new friendships with other parents who want to encourage, support and teach their children so honor God and serve their family and community. We are thankful for the opportunity to be part of such a focused program. My son and our whole family have been blessed by the committed, loving, encouraging and professional coaches!
-Diana and Luis Montiel

“The experience, discipline, and passion displayed in the program is great! Events and guest speakers( coaches, players, etc) were scheduled all with the best interest of the kids in mind.  Our son’s skills have improved and he loves SWAP.  When I listened to the Notre Dame Coach last night first give credit to God and how I’ve observed Bruno make it a foundation of the teaching throughout SWAP I truly know God has blessed our family to be able to be part of such a great soccer community.  He’s doing great works shining through your example.  Thank you and the rest of the coaching staff from the bottom of our hearts.”
–Thad and Brandi Bessinger

“We count it a privilege to be a part of the SWAP program. Not only has our son greatly improved his soccer skills, he has been impacted by the life lessons. The integration of soccer with these life skills has helped many of them “click” with him. It is great to watch the new soccer skills that he is learning each and every week and to communicate with him regarding core principles that we are working on at home.”
Heather and Kevin Walter, Elkhart, IN

“Our son joined SWAP last year when he was 7 years old. During his first year he has been challenged on many different levels which include: soccer technique, speed, agility, and how to do everything in sports and life with purpose and excellence. Coach Bruno has been able to break down the “Pillars of a True Champion” for the younger mind, and we are seeing a change in our son’s thought process. We have always heard that it takes a village to raise a child, and are blessed to be part of an organization that reinforces the same “Life Skills” that we are teaching at home.”
-Wayne and Kristi Smith, Goshen, IN

” Our son’s coach is not only a coach, but a Godly mentor. To have someone come along side him and help instill Biblical truths such as: respect, hard work and giving God the full glory He alone deserves, is an invaluable experience. My husband and I desire as many Godly “touches” on our children as possible, as being a light in a darkened world is not easy. We can have our boys participate in activities  such as soccer, but in an environment that is beneficial for their spiritual growth. Our son has grown tremendously in his love and heart for other kids (especially those who don’t know Christ), and in the area of respect through SWAP. He even recently described soccer as “his mission field.” At 9 years old, he has realized that he too is here on this earth to win others to Christ. What a powerful and effective program SWAP is!!! Thank you!!
-Ben and Amy Brown