Speed/Agility/Flexibility Program- Sport Specific



This 2021/2022 season, we are partnering with a company called Stark Strong Performance( click HERE for more info). 


They use the fundamentals of the sport, and maximize your relationship with the ground leading to efficiency and stamina. Next level, full-body power creates a more aggressive and competitive athlete that will, in turn, minimize risk of injury from highly liable movements.


This a 9 week program created specifically to help soccer player improve their mobility, lateral agility and coordination. It’s a unique program because we try to teach the athlete tools that they can learn and use after the program is finished. We will work on exercises with and without the ball to create a hard-working, challenging, but fun environment.

Program Details:

 For Players Born Ages to 14 to 18 (High School- Coed)

Training Dates: (Thursdays with 3 exceptions)

  • 11/11, 12/02, 12/9, 12/13( Monday), (Christmas Break), 01/06/22, 1/13, 1/20, 1/27( 8:30P-9:50P), and 1/31( Monday)
  • PROGRAM IS FULL  as of 10/18/21

Training Time:  7:40-9:00pm

Location: Trinity Lutheran School- 30888 Co Rd 6, Elkhart, IN 46514

Please Bring: Flat soccer/futsal shoes

Cost: $100

Deadline for Sign up: Nov 1

This program has the goal of helping soccer players improve on their speed and agility (mostly physical, but also mental [Soccer IQ]). It also focuses on giving them tools/ideas to be able to have to train on their own.

We will focus on soccer-specific movements (with and without the ball) to improve the players’ speed and agility.

We will be using agility ladders, balls, resistance bands, parachutes, etc. during training. Training will be hard but also fun.

Sign up link HERE

Instructions on how to register:

1. Create a new account by entering in your email address, and your password
2. Once you’re in, you will enter your info ( parent), then enter your child’s information
3. Go all the way through the process and make the payment- you will get a confirmation email after the payment and a message saying you’ve been registered