Soccer-Specific Flexibility/Speed/Agility Program

We have worked hard this year to bring a top-notch Conditioning Program to the area.. Through a Partnership with 4linhasworkout, a company that has helped professional players with their “off-field” training in Brazil, we are bringing something different. They have highly educated professionals, as well as some professional soccer, footvolley, and futsal players on staff to help develop the curriculum we will use. Felipe Mendes, who used to be on our coaching staff last year and is now playing professionally in Italy, is part of the 4linhasworkout staff.

Two other things that make the program unique:

  1. Week 1 and week 5, “tests” to measure improvement
  2. Players will be sent a workout to be done at home twice per week in addition to the workout on Mondays.

Program Details:

 For Players Born Ages to 14 to 18 ( High School- Coed)

Training Dates:

  • 11/09, 11/23, 11/30, 12/07, 12/14(6-8:30pm), (Christmas Break), 01/04/21, 1/11, 1/18, and 1/25 (7:30-9pm)

Training Time:  6pm  to 7:15 pm ( except for 1/25/21)

Location: Trinity Lutheran School- 30888 Co Rd 6, Elkhart, IN 46514

Please Bring: Flat soccer/futsal

Cost: $110

Deadline for Sign up: Nov 1

This program has the goal of helping soccer players improve on their speed and agility (mostly physical, but also mental [Soccer IQ]). It also focuses on giving them tools/ideas to be able to have to train on their own.

We will focus on soccer-specific movements (with and without the ball) to improve the players’ speed and agility. Each week, the participants will be e-mailed/texted some “homework” to help accelerate their improvement.

We will be using agility ladders, balls, resistance bands, parachutes, etc. during training. Training will be hard but also fun.

Only 30 spots available

Sign up link HERE

Instructions on how to register:

1. Create a new account by entering in your email address, and your password
2. Once you’re in, you will enter your info ( parent), then enter your child’s information
3. Go all the way through the process and make the payment- you will get a confirmation email after the payment and a message saying you’ve been registered